Step 1: Altruize - Landing Page,

Real Verified Hours: Volunteer Activity Verification and Reporting
Create Activity (Find Organization - Empty)

Step 2: Create Activity (Find Your Organization)

Find your organization, begin typing to find your organization. If not listed in our App then send theme "Invite" link to get in the board.
Create Activity (Select Type)

Step 2b: Create Activity

Who was this Activity for ? Select your Organization or Indivisual
User Onboarding - Goals (Empty)

Step 3: User Onboarding - Goals

We have been referred to as a wearable for your altruism. Set goals or how much good they want to do in the world just like setting how many steps they want to take.
Search for an Organization to Link

Step 4: Search for an Organization to Link

Find an organization on the platform to link. An email will be sent to their main admin to verify the link. You will be notified by email if the link succeeds or fails base on their response.
Verification Detail

Step 6: Verification Detail

Send a link directly to the individual, organization or nonprofit you volunteered for to verify your time.
Your Reports (Empty)

Step 5a: Create New Report

Create a variety of reports to use when applying for a college, job or compliance with the judicial system.
Preview Report

Step 5b: Reports

View your data on a continual basis. Keeping track of your effort and measuring your altruism. When you're ready grab a token to share it with others.
Treasure Chest

Get Rewards!

In our 2.0 Version of the app users are able to use their volunteer time towards incentives from local and national retailers.

Track Your Effort

To know you’re getting better, you have to measure your progress... how many miles, how pages... how much are you “giving-back”

Tell A Better Story

Are you compliant in meeting your volunteer requirements for graduation, getting accepted into college, or even the job you want?

Live A Better Life

Prove your impact through the data you collect and create a report to share with others.


What are you waiting for?

Altruize is the first platform to digitally, track and verify volunteer activities accurately. In 2016, we introduced our initial concept to increase the number of volunteers overall. It helped, but we knew something was missing and felt we were meant to have a bigger impact.